You Need a Better Headshot.


As the world has become an online mechanism for doing business, your headshot is the first impression you are making to prospective clients to make that initial contact.  A distinctive headshot is going to make you stand out from your competition and gain the trust of the prospective client enough to make that initial call.  It is not just a picture; it is your professional image and brand.  A brand that shows attention to detail and that you are in command of your industry as a leading expert.  Make a list of how you’d like your customers to perceive you and your business professionally (for example in my case: approachable, friendly, creative, warm and professional). Take a look at your current photo – does it communicate any of the things you listed?  

If you have an online presence you probably have an “About Me” page on your website. You may be asked to be interviewed on a blog, or an article may be written referencing you. When people Google you, find you on Facebook or look you up on LinkedIn, does what they see represent you well? Prospects and clients are likely to see your online profile before they even meet you! Having a professional portrait or headshot is crucial in ensuring what the viewer sees is the best representation of you.

What makes a good headshot? 

1. It reflects your unique brand.
2. It is current – avoid using something that is over 5 years old.
3. It reflects who you are and what you do. A professional photographer will be able to guide and assist you in this regard.
4. It conveys Quality, Credibility, and Professionalism.
5. It establishes eye contact. Eye contact draws people in and engenders trust.

Great headshots are one of the most challenging photographs to do well.  There is a combination of expert lighting, posing, the chemistry between the client and the photographer as well as the right wardrobe and environment for the particular industry the headshot will represent.  Professional hair and makeup finish the image in a natural way and is done specifically for the camera.    

I craft a relaxed, yet confident and personable image that tells your audience you are the best in the industry.   My process always includes a pre-session consultation where we learn what your professional image goals entail to craft a session that best describes you.  We will discuss clothing choices as well as other suggestions to make sure you will stand out.

First impressions only happen once, and increasing your chances to be the one contacted ahead of your competitor is critical in a saturated market.