Headshot Photos - What To Wear


The best clothes to wear during a headshot photo shoot are a widely debated topic. The following is a version of what I have discovered.

  • Plain & simple, not dated
  • I want to focus on your eyes and not be distracted by your clothing. I would like to see you in a solid colored shirt (very dark or very light) with an interesting neckline and maybe a textured finish to the fabric.
  • Limited Jewelry: Avoid distracting accessories, such as large, shiny jewelry. If you have a pierced ear, wear studs or small hoops. No matter how much you love your gold necklace, remember it will take the focus away from your face.
  • Neckline: Is your neck short or long? A V-neck lengthens the neck; a round neckline shortens it. A collar frames the face well, without taking away length from your neck. A collared shirt with a V-neck or a few buttons undone is most popular. Turtlenecks completely hide the neck, which is very unflattering, and should be avoided.
  • No Logos: Okay. NO WRITING ON YOUR SHIRT. logos mean product placement issues and the production staff must be very careful about legal issues. So if a logo appears in your headshot, it just shows you aren't clued in.
  • You will need to be comfortable in the clothing.
  • Remember your headshot is your marketing/sales tool.
  • Denim jackets: Sometimes they work. Bring it along and we'll see.
  • No shiny leather: Screams "over the top". It limits your potential and distracts from your face.
  • Glasses: If you always wear glasses, keep them on for the photo shoot. Lighting can be adjusted to eliminate glare. In difficult cases, the lenses can sometimes be removed from the frames, but it is very important to maintain a natural, comfortable look
  • Subdued/No Patterns: Avoid bold colors and crazy patterns. They will present a distraction.
  • Light to dark colors are fine, as long as it doesn't match or come close to your skin tone. Wear items that provide some contrast to your skin tones.
  • Anything that has texture is nice. Its adds interest without being distracting.
  • No polka dots, no wild prints, and no distracting stripes. Clothing of this type can have a tendency to distract the viewer from the most important subject in your photos, you. Pastel colors are typically not recommended. Neither is white or black, but more importantly, you should avoid anything that clashes with your skin tone. Colors that compliment your skin tone are appropriate.
  • Don't wear a turtleneck.
  • Avoid blouses with padded shoulders.
  • Don't try to fit in to something too small.
  • Women should bring the correct bra colors for the wardrobe. (please remember to wear a flesh-toned bra under white garments!)
  • Men should bring a couple of different newish t-shirts in different shades. 
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