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you need a better headshot.

if you strive to be seen as a leader in your industry, your image should reflect your capabilities as an expert.

Headshot Testimonials

Don't just take my word for it.  

Denver Actor Headshots

Tony e.

"You HAVE to book a session with Jeremy! Not only does he make you look great, he takes the time to get to know you as an actor, and honestly represent you in your headshot. Not to mention he does it in a fun and relaxed environment, one of the easiest sessions I’ve ever had. The results speak for themselves!"

Denver Actor Headshots

Sheryl m.

"I had a blast and got some amazing shots!  Jeremy guides you through your session with humor, which shows in your photos. Highly recommend him!  I love Jeremy's eye."

Denver Actor Headshots

peter b.

"Great to work with! Very professional yet relatable in a way all headshot photographers should aspire to be. I can't recommend Jeremy highly enough."



Whether you are an actor looking for the best headshots to promote yourself, someone in the business world wanting to stand out amongst your peers, or an entrepreneur needing a variety of perfect images to brand your online presence we have you covered! 

Denver Actor Headshots

Actor headshots

Whether you are just starting your acting career, already a seasoned pro, or getting your college theatre applications together, you need a killer headshot that casting directors will notice.  The headshots we create together will help get you auditions with the top local and national casting directors and theatre companies.  Looking to make modeling your career?  I can also provide comp card portfolio images.

Denver Business Headshots

Business Headshots

The perfect headshot will give you credibility in the corporate world and that is exactly what you get when you shoot with me.  Are you an executive looking for an image for LinkedIn that makes you look like the expert you are?  A CEO being photographed for your annual report?  A real-estate agent looking to update marketing materials? Whoever you are, you need headshots that show you at your very best.

Denver Personal Branding Portraits

personal branding portraits

It’s no secret that having a brand and sticking to it is essential for small businesses.  Any time that you post online, you should be considering your brand for consistency. This even applies to your images.  Your images should match your brand!  We shoot a huge variety of headshots and portraits that you can use throughout your website and on different platforms that will be consistent with your brand.

the headshots we create together will give you:


Having a killer professional headshot will show potential clients that you take your work seriously. It also shows that you’ve put time and effort into your web presence, which builds reputability.


In today’s digital age many of our first impressions are made by a photo we see online. Whether it’s on LinkedIn or a dating site, we introduce ourselves with a profile image. Our perceived character and personality are judged and in less than a second our viewers use this image to determine whether we are approachable or competent. Since we only get one chance to make a first impression you have to make it a killer one!


Standing out from the crowd, breaking through the noise…this is a tough qualification for your headshot, but it’s non-negotiable.  Great lighting, contrast, composition, AND a photographer who knows how to capture your spirit in a photograph are the most important things.  There are many ways to stand out.  Together we will get shots that make you stand out the right way.

Competitive edge

When you have incredible headshots that show you at your best, are full of personality, and convey professionalism and confidence you will jump miles ahead of your competition and gain the trust and respect of clients and colleagues.


Personality is Paramount!

We have fun in my headshot sessions!  If you didn't have a good time during your session, you went to the wrong photographer!  You are your most photogenic when you aren't worried about your appearance.  The best headshots show off your personality. That is why my sessions are full of crazy banter, making funny faces, and having the best time.  Just be yourself and let me coach you into getting the best headshots you've ever had!

The Headshot process


Most people (myself included) do not like having their picture taken.  It's uncomfortable and intimidating.  Not everyone knows what to do in front of a camera, and you shouldn't have to! 

My job is to coach you throughout the session to illuminate your strengths and diminish any perceived weaknesses all while making you feel as comfortable as possible in a situation that you may feel the least comfortable with.  

That is what I do and why a headshot session with me is unlike any experience you’ve ever had in front of a camera before. I guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised by how fun and uplifting this process can actually be.


As your session moves along, we'll stop a few times to review images on the computer to make sure you like what you are seeing and address any areas of opportunity that we have for improvement.

This is meant to be a truly collaborative effort, so I will want you to be very honest with me about what you love and anything you don't. My #1 priority is that we get results that you super happy with. I never take offense, and it's easy to shift gears on the fly if we realize something isn't working so there is no need to hold anything back.


Your proofs are delivered via a password protected web gallery usually within 48 hours of your session.

This is your chance to take the time to go through your images and choose the ones that best fit your brand.  You are able to share the gallery with friends and colleagues for their input as well.

Once you have chosen your final favorite images you share those with me and I send them off to be edited.


I employ a high end photo editor who retouches images incredibly naturally.  Skin should have texture and therefore should not be blurred. he will do a basic color correction, remove blemishes, remove stray hairs, fix glare in glasses, even out skin tone, and make everyone look like the best versions of themselves.

You will usually receive your edited headshots within one week of sharing your final favorites with me.  The edited images are sent via email and are downloadable.  I suggest saving your edited images in a safe place!


the photographeR

I promise that you will have a fantastic time during your session and without even knowing it by the time we are finished you will have the best headshots you have ever had of yourself!
— Jeremy Rill

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