Preparation Tips for Senior Guys Photo Sessions

Being well prepared for you senior photo session can make the difference between average and fabulous photos. Follow these easy tips and you’ll be well on your way to looking your absolute best. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me.


Photographing males is much different than photographing females and we understand that. We’ll make you look like a guy, so relax. You won’t feel uncomfortable or have to do any awkward, girly posing.


Arrive early or on time to your appointment. Showing up late means you lose camera time, and we don’t want that. If you’re coming from out of town, give yourself plenty of time to find your way around. The streets in Centennial aren’t the easiest to navigate and having a buffer in case you get lost will save you some stress.


As a general rule, guys are more complacent when it comes to photos. Even if it’s just for your mom, please come prepared.  We (and mom) want you to look your best. Dress in a style that expresses who you are, but dress nicely.  If your style is a bit sloppy or you’re rather apathetic, have your mom, girlfriend, or other girls that are just friends help you. Trust us on this one.


Bring A LOT of clothing options. The more clothes we have to choose from, the better. This will give us flexibility in matching your clothing to the surroundings. Group your clothing together on hangers. Make sure items are free of wrinkles and ready to go. (Please don’t come everything stuffed into a gym bag like many guys have done.) Make sure you’re comfortable in your clothing and that it flatters you. This will ensure that you like how you look when viewing your photos. Avoid stripes and plaid. Solid colors work much better than patterns. Bring a variety of colors and mix the level of styles. Some should be dressy, some dressy-casual, and some casual. Bring black and/or dark gray t-shirts to wear under other shirts. White undershirts stick out and photograph poorly. Avoid t-shirts with large graphics or logos. They distract from the main subject, which is you.


We don’t expect you to get as excited as the girls about shoes, but bring a variety of casual and dressier shoes. Avoid gym shoes or flip-flops since these will appear too casual when viewing your photos.


Please come to your session cleanly shaven. Retouching stubble costs extra and won’t look as good as a clean shave. If you have facial hair that your mom despises, do her a favor and shave it off. We promise it will grow back.


If you have longer hair, make sure it will stay out of your eyes during your session. Have it trimmed if necessary. Don’t make any drastic changes like shaving your head or dying your hair around your session date. Otherwise you’ll look back at your photos and wonder “What was I thinking?”


They’re great! Bring props that help show who you are. Some popular choices are:

  • Sports equipment (football, basketball, baseball bat, etc.)
  • Sports uniforms
  • Musical instruments
  • Activity related items (dance, art, school clubs, etc.)


Most lenses have a glare. The safest option is to check with your eye doctor and ask if they’ll loan you a similar pair without lenses.


We retouch your photos, so please don’t be concerned about minor breakouts. We have you covered! If your acne is more severe, you’re still okay. We had bad acne is high school and understand! We’re happy to help you out with some extra retouching.

Friends & Parents

Friends or parents are welcome and often can be a help. However, if they distract you, it may be best to meet them when the session is over. You’re welcome to have a couple of shots with a girlfriend, best friend, sibling, or parent at no extra charge.


Don’t worry about clouds because they actually even out the light and make for ideal shooting conditions. But falling rain is an issue and we have to reschedule. We will try to contact you first, but please call us at 773.495.7398 if you have any doubts or concerns.




Choosing your clothing is the fun part about getting Senior Portraits done! When choosing clothing for your session you can be creative, stylish, and express your unique style in what you wear. Sound challenging? No worries, we break it down into 10 easy steps:

1. Your Personality

The number one rule of clothing is simple, wear what reflects your personality! Do you have a necklace that you love and wear a lot? Bring it. Is being apart of a sports team a big part of your life? Wear your uniform. Do you like to stand out with wearing bold colors and patterns? Do it up! Senior Portraits are all about showing who you are at this point in your life. Don’t be afraid to show off your unique personality with your clothing, this is all about you! We don’t recommend buying a new outfit (unless you absolutely love it) just for your Senior Portraits. We want you to feel absolutely comfortable with what your wearing, so pick outfits that you find your self wearing a lot, and outfits that make you feel confident. It’s simple, the more comfortable you are the better your pictures will turn out- let your outfit work for you! Also consider your Session Style and Session Type. For example, if you are going for an Urban Session Style, consider clothing that would look great in an urban setting next to buildings, concrete, and lots of texture.

2. Solids, Patterns, and Styles…oh my!

Be sure to bring a variety of clothes including solid colors (a must have!), and clothing that varies in texture, patterns, design, and style. Solid colors are important because they put the focus on YOU. Solids work great outside because there tends to be a lot of detail or distracting elements in the great outdoors, so wearing very busy patterns outside can be detail overload for Senior Portraits. Avoid large patterns, wide stripes, and large logos. They tend to be “faddish”, busy, and can draw attention away from you. We love texture in clothing because light falling over it can create interesting shadows and highlights. Lace is a great example of a texture we love! 

3. Picking Colors for Your Skin Tone

Choose colors you look good in and that flatter your skin tone. There are two basic skin tones — cool and warm. You can decide what you are by investigating the color of your veins as seen on the underside of your arm. If the veins show through blue, you’ve got blue or white undertones, meaning you’re a cool skin tone. Those with green veins have yellow undertones and are therefore warm. Skin tones can also be narrowed down into the 4 season categories: winter, summer, autumn and spring. By matching your skin tone with the right “season”, you’ll be able to dress your best.

Winter skin tones can be pale, yellow, or dark with blue or pink undertones. Sharp colors like black and blue are great for winter skin tones, but light browns won’t help you out, so give them a wide berth. If your skin is pink, then you fall into the summer category. That means you’re best suited for pastels and you should only bring out the orange and black on Halloween. Red heads and brunettes generally belong to the autumn camp. They look best in oranges, browns and other earthy tones. Black and white on the other hand won’t do them any justice. If you have freckles and light skin, you are spring, so you should wear yellows, greens and blues. As for things to avoid, you could start a club with your autumn friends and start boycotting black and white. You can read more about matching your clothes with your skin tone here.

So which season are you? Find out with the quick quiz below, courtesy of Cindy Busch Color Analysis.

5 Colors All Skin Types Can Wear:



Emerald Green


Cream White


4. What to Wear (and What Not to Wear) for the Close-Up

For close-up or yearbook poses, pay attention to the sleeve-style and neckline of your shirt. Short sleeves or sleeveless shirts should be avoided. Long sleeves or three-quarter sleeves work best. For necklines, a wide-open neckline tends to thicken the neck. On the other hand, a neckline that comes up to the base of the neck, like a collard shirt or a v-neck top will thin the neck and frame your face beautifully. If you have a slightly longer neck, choose a shirt with a higher neckline. If you have a shorter neck, choose a shirt with a v-neck.

5. Keep Potato Sacks for Potatoes!

Choose clothes that are form fitting and not too loose or baggy. In other words you don’t want to wear clothes that just hang off of you. Clothing that has a structure and goes in at the waist generally looks best. Stay clear from poncho style shirts, tube tops, and excessively baggy clothing as it tends to make you look wider.

6. Jeans, Levi’s Had the Right Idea

Jeans are always a favorite and may be easily combined with a favorite shirt or blouse. They can add a casual flair to pictures, and they look best when form fitted and in a darker shade. For wider hips, choose a boot cut style or a slight flair. Stay away from jeans that are excessively baggy, and guys watch the amount of sag, gotta keep Grandma a happy camper!

7. Gals get Dressy with a Dress!

For girls, don’t be afraid to bring a dress! Dresses are a great way to add a unique touch to your portraits. Wearing a formal dress in an informal setting can make for an interesting photo. We recommend dresses that have a cinched in waist and flair outwards like a bell at the hips (think 1950s), this style of dress works beautifully for any body type. Dresses that have a flowing bottom look great too, and they can be magical outside if we catch a gust of wind! White lace dresses are always a nice addition to Senior Portraits, as they offer a timeless look and highlight your femininity! ModCloth is a great source for finding a wide range of adorable dresses (and cute accessories!) to fit any budget.

8. Accessorize

Jewelry, hats, props, instruments, a vintage camera, the sky is the limit! It’s a great idea to include accessories in your Senior Portraits to make a statement about your personality. It’s good not to go over the top with accessories, but one or two items can add a nice finishing touch to your pictures. Common accessories include: jewelry specific to an outfit, guitars, hats, your car, and sports gear. Also, don’t forget to change up your look with different pairs of shoes. 

9. Still Not Sure? Bring Extra!

When in doubt, bring extra outfits and accessories to the studio! We know how to style Seniors, so let our expertise make it easy for you. We recommend that you bring 1 to 2 extra items and we will help you pick the best ones to use. 

10. The Details

Last but not least, be sure to pay attention to the little details that can make our break your outfit. Dust spots and wrinkles in clothing are a photographer’s worst nightmare! The more polished your clothing looks, the better your pictures will turn out. So take some time ahead of your session to carefully look over your clothing and make sure it’s camera ready!