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About Me

I've been in love with photography ever since I was a child taking photos with my Fisher Price Kodak #810 camera.  I would take it everywhere with me and take pictures of pretty much anything.  Afterwards I lost touch with photography and that creative side of myself as you tend to do when you are busy growing up.  In my early twenties I found an old discarded Minolta 35mm in the storeroom of the retail store I worked in and my passion was revived.  That camera felt like a part of me.  There wasn't a place I went that it didn't also go.  I loved the heft of the thing, the feel of the shutter button, and the way you had to manually advance the film.

I've since transitioned to digital and haven't looked back.  I love the portrait as an art form. I enjoy telling people's stories and bringing out and showcasing that special part of you that makes the images we capture something you can cherish forever.